A night not so long ago, I was trolling through my Twitter feed and came across a tweet that actually made me chuckle out loud. This certain tweet had a photo of some very sexy boots, and under that photo it said, “I think I bought these by accident, Ha Ha!” Amused by the tweet, I decided to message this individual to see where the boots were purchased.
I message many people when a tweet catches my eye. Very seldom do I ever get a reply, which is understandable seeming how most I message are pro Dommes or Findoms and normally don’t know me – not saying that to offend anyone in any way, but without a tribute attached or a message concerning a session or tribute, well we all know the protocol. But on this particular evening, I did receive a reply….”I got them from amazon” with a link attached…..my life has never been the same.

Since then, I have had the complete honor, the fortunate experience and a complete privilege to serve this ultra sexy, compationate, Beautiful, stern, alluring, mesmerizing, truly one of a kind Mistress. I’ve been into the scene for over 30 years, and never once encountered a person such as “Diana Von Rigg”. She truly is a dream come true, a fantasy turned into a reality…a person that has truly swept me off my feet, in every aspect. It makes me wonder at times why it took so long to find a person such as she…it doesn’t matter, what matters is I did and I’ve never been happier or more content…ever!

I live to serve her and her only now. My Mistress makes me smile, tremble, think things through, blush and keeps me on my toes 24 hrs a day. I wait patiently to hear from her, whether it be minutes, hours, days or weeks, when i do my heart just beats that much faster. My purpose is to obey, to accomadate and show her the respect she so deserves. My goal is to put a smile on this young Woman’s face at all times possible and provide for her the incredibly warm passionate feelings she provides for me.

As I said in the begining…my life will never be the same.

Thank You my Beautiful Mistress!

My servitude and love always, your Chastity slave “B”