I have been sessioning with ProDommes now for some years. I am based in the Midlands but have travelled the country in pursuit of the perfect Mistress. Over the years I have had some great sessions, and sadly some not so great. However, try as I might, there was always something missing from my sessions. There was never that spark, never that desire to truly submit a Mistress. There was an always an interest to, but the nature of my sessions always felt very transactional. Over time, this is the standard I became to expect as the norm.

I started to follow Mistress Diana von Rigg in the early part of 2018 and I was immediately interested. I felt a real connection with some of tweets and became interested in sessioning with Mistress. I continued to watch from afar, not yet ready to contact Mistress as I wasn’t in a position to book a session.

Fast forward to early May and I was finally armed with a number of suitable dates and a session tribute ready to go in my bank account. I therefore made my first contact, through a Twitter a DM, which is unusual for me as I prefer email as I know there’s a lot of timewasters on Twitter.

I got an instant response and instantly hit things off with Mistress. We had a great couple of evenings talking and a date for a session was soon arranged. Mistress also took control of my orgasms in the week leading to the session. This was a huge deal for me and something I never for a second thought I would be able to stick to. I am a very much a 2 a day man and depending on what else was on that day (and how bored I got) this could increase. I still remember asking Mistress to take control of my orgasms, in the back of my mind I thought ‘oh its okay, she won’t know if I don’t stick to it’. My session was due to take place on a Wednesday so I thought as long as I abstained from say Sunday evening I’d be fine. This had been my attitude to chastity for years, I was interested but didn’t think I could give up my orgasms.

It soon became apparent to me that my level of submission had become deeper than I thought. I was amazing at how I wouldn’t even touch myself as I hadn’t had permission from my Mistress. It got to the stage where I had been given permission to cum, I’d have hesitated as I knew it was pleasing for Mistress for me to stay in chastity. Hearing her say she was proud of me gave me such an incredible feeling and I was desperate to impress.

I went the whole week without an orgasm, without a doubt the longest period I had gone since I discovered what happened if you played with yourself long enough as a teenager!

I find it very difficult to put into words how incredible our session was. The dungeon was conveniently located in a quiet road. Miss ensured that I knew exactly how to get there and was waiting for me just inside the door. She looked absolutely incredible, she gracefully led me upstairs to the dungeon and we had a brief chat about limits and what activities would be included (this was only brief because we had discussed this before). With every other session I had found myself sending a very detailed list of my wants for session, this was different though. I felt such a strong sense of submission to Miss that I made my limits clear and explained that I didn’t want the session to be about what Miss could do for me, it was what I could do for Miss.

I was told to get undressed and Miss immediately got to work on making it clear who was in charge. I think the exact details of a session should be private – if you want to know what happens at a session then book one with Miss Diana von Rigg! However we covered a number of activities which Miss expertly delivered.

I am now proud and honoured to say that Mistress has agreed to own me. Ownership was something I had never been interested in before I met Mistress but I soon found myself with an uncontrollable desire to be owned. I had found perfection and I had no desire to serve any other Mistress. Mistress now controls my orgasms at all times, I am so lucky and privileged that she is willing to do this.

Thank you Mistress Diana von Rigg, not only for such a fantastic session but also for the way you have taken control over areas of my life that I never expected to hand over. My submission to you grows deeper by the day and I am so excited for the future of our Domme/sub relationship