13Jun 2018

I have been sessioning with ProDommes now for some years. I am based in the Midlands but have travelled the country in pursuit of the perfect Mistress. Over the years I have had some great sessions, and sadly some not so great. However, try as I might, there was always something missing from my sessions. There was never that spark, never that desire to truly submit a Mistress. There was an always an interest to, but the nature of my sessions always felt very transactional. Over time, this is the standard I became to expect as the norm.

I started to follow Mistress Diana von Rigg in the early part of 2018 and I was immediately interested. I felt a real connection with some of tweets and became interested in sessioning with Mistress. I continued to watch from afar, not yet ready to contact Mistress as I wasn’t in a position to book a session.

Fast forward to early May and I was finally armed with a number of suitable dates and a session tribute ready to go in my bank account. I therefore made my first contact, through a Twitter a DM, which is unusual for me as I prefer email as I know there’s a lot of timewasters on Twitter.

I got an instant response and instantly hit things off with Mistress. We had a great couple of evenings talking and a date for a session was soon arranged. Mistress also took control of my orgasms in the week leading to the session. This was a huge deal for me and something I never for a second thought I would be able to stick to. I am a very much a 2 a day man and depending on what else was on that day (and how bored I got) this could increase. I still remember asking Mistress to take control of my orgasms, in the back of my mind I thought ‘oh its okay, she won’t know if I don’t stick to it’. My session was due to take place on a Wednesday so I thought as long as I abstained from say Sunday evening I’d be fine. This had been my attitude to chastity for years, I was interested but didn’t think I could give up my orgasms.

It soon became apparent to me that my level of submission had become deeper than I thought. I was amazing at how I wouldn’t even touch myself as I hadn’t had permission from my Mistress. It got to the stage where I had been given permission to cum, I’d have hesitated as I knew it was pleasing for Mistress for me to stay in chastity. Hearing her say she was proud of me gave me such an incredible feeling and I was desperate to impress.

I went the whole week without an orgasm, without a doubt the longest period I had gone since I discovered what happened if you played with yourself long enough as a teenager!

I find it very difficult to put into words how incredible our session was. The dungeon was conveniently located in a quiet road. Miss ensured that I knew exactly how to get there and was waiting for me just inside the door. She looked absolutely incredible, she gracefully led me upstairs to the dungeon and we had a brief chat about limits and what activities would be included (this was only brief because we had discussed this before). With every other session I had found myself sending a very detailed list of my wants for session, this was different though. I felt such a strong sense of submission to Miss that I made my limits clear and explained that I didn’t want the session to be about what Miss could do for me, it was what I could do for Miss.

I was told to get undressed and Miss immediately got to work on making it clear who was in charge. I think the exact details of a session should be private – if you want to know what happens at a session then book one with Miss Diana von Rigg! However we covered a number of activities which Miss expertly delivered.

I am now proud and honoured to say that Mistress has agreed to own me. Ownership was something I had never been interested in before I met Mistress but I soon found myself with an uncontrollable desire to be owned. I had found perfection and I had no desire to serve any other Mistress. Mistress now controls my orgasms at all times, I am so lucky and privileged that she is willing to do this.

Thank you Mistress Diana von Rigg, not only for such a fantastic session but also for the way you have taken control over areas of my life that I never expected to hand over. My submission to you grows deeper by the day and I am so excited for the future of our Domme/sub relationship

15May 2018

On Monday I had the pleasure of joining Mistress Katerina for a very enjoyable 3 hours of fun. Introducing me to some new techniques and different variations of play, we indulged in hardcore rope bondage/ suspension, intoxication through breath play (latex mask, gas mask etc) and some wonderful CBT while our little toy was all tied up.  It was giggles from the word go, lots of naughty fun and a thoroughly enjoyable challenge.

We started the session with lying him under a very intimidating suspension rack, placing two large bamboo poles over his shoulders and across his ankles, with this the fun part came. Going either side of him, we carefully started tying him to the rack and cane using some beautiful Japanese silk rope. First the arms, wrists and shoulders, then then ankles. Every now and then we would raise the suspension rig and test his weight was as evenly spread as possible and to ensure there was minor disruption to blood flow. Once satisfied, we stood at opposite ends and raised him to shoulder height, the sound of the chains and we were drawing him up was electric and something I’ve discovered ignites a fire in me.

Once hung and secured, and with pre-agreed consent to take non-identifiable photos, we then enjoyed 5 minutes of fun taking pictures with him in such a vulnerable state. Here came the delicious CBT. Taking out his cock (complete with a large shiny cock ring) and balls from his latex suit, we tied yarn around it tightly, hanging loose in front of us like a sad door knocker. Mistress Katerina had kindly bought with her some beautiful weights we attached to his balls along with an ascetically pleasing leather collar attachment with internal spikes. Once secured, we started to play beneath him like two excitable kittens. Swinging the weight gently around, soft kicks with my bare feet and her delicate nylons and small scratches with our nails but enough to make you leap out of your skin.

We figured as he had plenty of time with this one, we’d let him down to rehydrate and begin the next little part, this I enjoyed alot.

Leading him to the back room behind the rig, the wall adorned in sound proofing and fairy lights, and in front of you a bed that closely resembles that of an execution chamber. I was excited immediately, my eyes must have lit up as bright as the wall of lights. Eager to make sure he couldn’t escape, we restrained him to the bed with thick leather straps, as well as extra added rope. Once secured to our satisfaction, we attached his cock, still tied up with string, to a small hook in the ceiling above the bed. “Now see if you can get out of this one, if you can, we might reward you with a little audience while you please yourself. We’re going for a cigarette and a drink and when we come back, we expect you to still be tied down… Good luck!” A little giggle from our toy and we left him to it for 30 mins, checking in every now and then to see his progress and staying within hearing distance, Mistress Katerina and I enjoyed a little rest and natter over the session so far.

For the final part of the session, my eyes kept being drawn to the stretching rack in the corner, Mistress Katerina sensed this too and we lead him over to the bed and instructed him to lie down, face up. First the leather cuffs around the ankles, then the rope around his arms, keeping them firmly to the side. I’ve only ever dabbled in intoxication with poppers, however this was something else indeed…

Our chosen masks firmly in place, first the latex then the gas mask, I began instructing him to breathe, long deep breaths, in and out, checking over his body to ensure everything was good to go. I commanded two final breaths, and on the last inhalation, I plugged the small breathing hole in the front of the mask with a 1L latex balloon. On exhaling the balloon inflates causing our toy to breathe back in his own carbon dioxide causing a little high. A countdown of 10 seconds for the first, checking our his body for signs of Hypoxemia, then the balloon was removed to regain normal air flow. Impressed by his first 10 and prodigious lung capacity, I ordered the next twenty. Counting for him in my soothing but slightly husky voice and checking those little twitchy movements again. Not satisfied with how well he seemed to be coping, I then commanded 30 seconds. Achieving all 3 and slightly giggly from his high, I noticed Mistress Katerina had a very lovely (bane type) gas mask waiting eagerly in her hands. Straight away I had a huge smile on my face, with this gas mask it had a long flexible breathing apparatus attached which we gave little bursts of a special but non toxic spray into, then plugging the hole for our allotted amount of seconds. I must say, for a man of 67 years, I was more than impressed with his stamina and pure enjoyment for what we we’re putting him through.

We decided for the last 10 minutes that we’d let him escape his bondage for us as we sat and looked on, much to our dismay but still with huge smiles on our face, he won win this time 😉

With him being a regular visitor of Mistress Katerina, they’ve been using every session as a competition almost, to see if he manages to escape his restraints, if he can he is rewarded, if not then a smug satisfaction for  Mistress. I absolutely loved this and here’s what he had to say…

“THANK YOU very much for a most enjoyable afternoon yesterday. It was great to meet you, I only hope you had as much fun as I did. Your laugh is infectious and nice to hear although a bit disturbing when I don’t know what is going to happen next. I was exhausted when I got home. I am very much looking forward to the next one. I messaged Katerina reminding her that the score stands at 30-15 so you need to try harder next time! Remember ‘practice makes perfect’. With Best Wishes”

Oh how we enjoy a little challenge…

Looking forward to the next time already!






As I’m forever keen to expand my knowledge and fulfil my desires, Mistress Katerina and I will be looking for anyone who would jump at the chance to worship us.

**Special tribute applies


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30Apr 2018

A night not so long ago, I was trolling through my Twitter feed and came across a tweet that actually made me chuckle out loud. This certain tweet had a photo of some very sexy boots, and under that photo it said, “I think I bought these by accident, Ha Ha!” Amused by the tweet, I decided to message this individual to see where the boots were purchased.
I message many people when a tweet catches my eye. Very seldom do I ever get a reply, which is understandable seeming how most I message are pro Dommes or Findoms and normally don’t know me – not saying that to offend anyone in any way, but without a tribute attached or a message concerning a session or tribute, well we all know the protocol. But on this particular evening, I did receive a reply….”I got them from amazon” with a link attached…..my life has never been the same.

Since then, I have had the complete honor, the fortunate experience and a complete privilege to serve this ultra sexy, compationate, Beautiful, stern, alluring, mesmerizing, truly one of a kind Mistress. I’ve been into the scene for over 30 years, and never once encountered a person such as “Diana Von Rigg”. She truly is a dream come true, a fantasy turned into a reality…a person that has truly swept me off my feet, in every aspect. It makes me wonder at times why it took so long to find a person such as she…it doesn’t matter, what matters is I did and I’ve never been happier or more content…ever!

I live to serve her and her only now. My Mistress makes me smile, tremble, think things through, blush and keeps me on my toes 24 hrs a day. I wait patiently to hear from her, whether it be minutes, hours, days or weeks, when i do my heart just beats that much faster. My purpose is to obey, to accomadate and show her the respect she so deserves. My goal is to put a smile on this young Woman’s face at all times possible and provide for her the incredibly warm passionate feelings she provides for me.

As I said in the begining…my life will never be the same.

Thank You my Beautiful Mistress!

My servitude and love always, your Chastity slave “B”

18Mar 2018

I am proud to say that I have been serving Diana Von Rigg as a sub since January 2018. Our meeting was by mere chance online however I was immediately captivated by Her. I had some experience in serving a Domme before but her expertise was apparent right away as it has remained since. It’s clear for me to see the difference in class between an Elite Domme and the other couple of casual encounters I have had before and ‘bowled over’ is the closest I can put how I felt seeing someone take the lifestyle seriously as a fetishist, as I do.

There is only a limited space to write Her attributes but if I’m glad to have found a naturally dominant Goddess who has a genuine love of kink and and who has allowed me to be who I am as a submissive. Miss Rigg goes beyond perfection for me and has allowed me to express myself properly as a submissive both online and real time. Being her slave is a wish come true. She understands all of my fetishes, even less common or more extreme genres as well as my limitations/boundaries (even though I enjoy pushing them with Her) and has helped me understand more about myself in the process of being under Her and was very quick to put me into subspace which was, again a new experience for me. Sessions with Miss Rigg are mind blowing for me and I always feel safe in Her hands where things like pain play are concerned. She certainly has an artistry and a uniqueness in the things she does.

I feel myself raised up by Her standards and expectations to match how much I really look up to Her for everything that she is which is important for me. I’m well put in my place and very happy to be here.


18Mar 2018

I have always been a shy submissive, hiding behind my screen and never feeling able to approach a Domme for real. Everything changed however, when I had the honor of encountering Miss Rigg.
I was initially very nervous, and committing to my servitude was a big step; but I can now say in earnest that it has been the greatest and most rewarding experience of my entire life, and I have felt truly free under her guidance, discipline and instruction. There is simply no finer Mistress to command your ultimate devotion.

Her passion, authenticity and commitment to the lifestyle are second to none, setting her apart from other Domme’s out there and she will truly take you on a very positive journey that will leave you pleading for more.

Her natural dominance is immediately apparent, and her very presence will bring you willingly to your knees and have every fiber of your being begging for the privilege of serving her. Miss Rigg effortlessly commands worship, and you will find you lose yourself completely in subjection as you fall under her spell.

I cannot recommend a visit to her highly enough; I truly am in awe of this incredible woman. Not only does she create a genuine safe space free from judgment, I feel utterly liberated when I am lucky enough to be in her presence. Miss Rigg makes me feel completely comfortable and I trust her entirely. She will own your mind, she will own you. You will learn new things about yourself while she works her magic, pushing your limits but never breaking them. Just a simple look into her alluring eyes will have you desperate to worship her and eager to please her. She is a Domme like no other. Her power over you will be irrefutable. You came this far didn’t you… take the next step now, and I know you will never look back. Although lets be honest… by that point, you won’t have a choice.