29Dec 2018


It started as a funny year, quiet, life felt slow like I was in limbo almost, but something was burning in Me, a fire had already been ignited and it showed no signs of slowing down. A few months previously, I had dipped my toe into the world of Online domination. I’d dabbled in Domination before and i’d been a long term fetish enthusiast since the young age of 18, but nothing could prepare Me for the pandoras box of kink I was about to unleash on Myself.

Promotion for DangerousDolls Cam Site at London Tattoo Convention circa. 2010 – Spot Mistress Diana!

What started as a bit of risky fun, meeting men in seedy locations for a sadistic rendezvous, administering harsh CBT with sheer delight while my prey for that evening writhed around the car park in pain but radiating somewhat a sense of self relief, it was invigorating. At 18 I’d started Alternative Modelling and Online Cam Domination, I was working and at college full time and I’d always found sneaking up to my room at my parents house and having these risque sessions after hours was a huge outlet for Me, and eventually I was getting my straight ‘alpha’ male friends drunk, making them wear my clothes and underwear and humiliating them for my own amusement, sometimes on cam via websites such as chatroulette or omegle for those who remember, good times.

Alt Modelling at Age 18

Fast track to the tender age of 25, I had a close friend in ‘vanilla life’ with whom I’d spend a lot of time with, an open minded and knowledgeable character, we both happily dived head first into the world of Real Female Domination. She took on the professional role almost immediately and I watched her flourish into a natural Professional, where as with Me, it was more of a process of self realisation, maturity and a plan. I’ve always said never run before you can walk and It’s always wise to practice what you preach.


It was a slow weekday afternoon in mid 2017, I’d had the day off working at My Tattoo Studio and as I mentioned to begin with, life felt… slow. Catching up with drawings and promotional work, my phone lit up to display a message from said Mistress that basically said she has an enquiry for a doubles session (She had a wonderful little setup she’d use from her spare bedroom) and would I be interested? Without hesitation i frantically typed in agreeance and demanded to know how soon could it happen? It was almost like blood lust, I’d had a taste and with every encounter my thirst only grew more intense.

I could lie and say i had no reservations about what was going to happen that day during those few hours, but something just felt right, I’ve always been one to trust and follow my instinct, this is a prime example of when it has done me every justice in the world.

Online Domination – Early Days

For a first session, especially as an unknown and untrained ‘apprentice’ it was a rather hardcore session, from playing the Nasty Auntie in an Age Play session, to watersports, to bondage and CP. It was a day I will never forget, I left with feeling like i’d shed a skin, a strong wave of empowerment came over Me, like I’ve been wandering round life aimlessly and lost up until now and I had to have more.

With this I dedicated 2 evenings each week to research on the anatomy, studying books, articles, visiting studios, SSC/RACK, watching clips and gathering as much information as I could store in my brain and on my laptop to prepare myself for the world I was about to throw Myself in. However 2 evenings soon turned to 7 evenings a week, then 7 evenings and 7 days, it really didn’t take long for BDSM and Fetish to completely take over My life, and I was it’s willing victim.


Ending my first Professional Session, nothing’s changed.

My first professional one on one session couldn’t have gone any better, a shy boy who I liked to call ‘pig’ had served me online for around two months at this point, we’d gained a mutual trust for each other, I’d started my work on him early setting him morning and evening routines, checking his work pattern, budgeting, evening humiliation sessions as well as building a friendship over our mutual interests outside of kink.

We’d arranged to have our first real time session in his nearest city of Manchester, something I was more than happy to oblige with. I travelled up to the city alone by train, suitcase in tow with what little toys I had to use to begin with (I certainly wasn’t going to be bringing my ones from home) with pig also being a beginner we soon found ourselves comfortable in each others presence and a natural order quickly fell into place, with every scenario it was becoming more clear to Me that I had found my path.

Pre-Session Selfie

Checking into the apartment I’d booked for the evening to hold my session from, I started by making pig undress and adorn a rubber piggy mask that i’d kindly bought with Me. Unpacking my clothes and equipment for the evening, neatly, one by one with Me standing over him, My eyes burning into the back of his skull, the feeling came again, the adrenaline, the power, my pupils must have looked like two giant terrifying black holes ready to suck in any weak willed man who dared to stare back. The session lasted hours, we explored feet worship, CP, bondage, humiliation and much more, the flow of the session was so natural and everything just fit perfectly. I’d spent almost a week preparing a session plan, itinerary, every detail down to the last dot and when it came down to it, all I needed was the knowledge in my head, the power in my heart and hands and openness in my soul to receive another person’s submission so genuinely.


This brings Me to around May 2018, having been lurking in the shadows and online for the past year, I thought it was time i bit the bullet and started venturing out more, this is where the wonderful Kinky Consent comes in. I saw a post late one night on Twitter about a new Kinky club night happening in a city not too far from Me, they were looking for guest Mistress’s for the opening night and I couldn’t help but offer my services.

My first event as a Mistress
Kinky Consent- May 2018

I met so many lovely people, had so many laughs and turned a lot of bottoms crimson. It’s also with this I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Julia Taylor, a Femdom visionary I have admired from day one, having just finished a party of her own, she welcomed Me with open arms and along with Mistress L and filled me with a confidence and wisdom that will stay with me forever.

The night went off without a hitch and was a roaring success, going back to my hotel and waking up the next day to check out and return home, I started to feel lethargic, grouchy, stressed and this lasted almost a week until I realised I’d been experiencing ‘Top Drop’ or ‘Domme Drop’ I finally had a name for what i’d been experiencing all those times I was thrown back into vanilla life by way of routine, a feeling of ‘bleh’ and my poor brain struggling to rescue any remaining endorphins.

Myself and pig at Kinky Consent

Pig went on to serve me a few more times before we sadly parted ways not long after due to conflicting interests, I was ready for much more in the world of Female Domination and he sadly couldn’t commit due to vanilla life (You can see our session clips mentioned via


Intox/ Breath Play Session

Fast forward a few steady but normal months of Femdom, I got talking to a well known and well respected Mistress by the name of Katerina the Great. Already taken in by her beauty and experience, she offered to meet me for lunch to discuss the prospect of working together, to say I was thrilled was an understatement.

Mistress Katerina & Diana Von Rigg

We quickly hit it off and began working together at The Facility in the West Midlands, already armed with the knowledge and experience I had, we made a great team and I soon began exploring more and more of everything I could from intoxication to suspension to Fetish events such as BBB in Birmingham where John and the Facility would hold a stall there, through this I was able to meet so many amazing people and vendors, it opened my eyes even more to what a friendly, accepting and non-judgemental community I was being accepted into. I continue to work and thrive aside Mistress Katerina as well as the others mentioned, to this day and will be forever grateful for the support she’s given Me on My journey.


Filming with Vivienne L’amour & FetishLook

June was a trying time for me personally, a lot had happened in my personal life, i’d suffered losses, heartache, having nowhere to live due to My previous relationship breaking down, countless obstacles thrown in my way that I won’t dwell on, but needless to say even as a strong, Dominant, capable woman, this knocked me for six. Luckily, I had made a friend in Katerina and I soon found myself living, working and thriving in the city of Birmingham, some 30 odd miles from where I’d come from previously. It was with this move that I managed to catapult myself into the world of Femdom, completely immersed in my true nature, I felt alive for the first time in a long time.

Holding sessions every other day from the BDSM studio, camming most nights, going to events such as Club Pedestal, it’s been non stop since and I’m lapping up every delicious minute to this day. So much so that I decided to take a huge leap and book my first trip. I’d been inundated with requests from boys in Northern Ireland asking if i’d considering visiting for sessions, immediately it was something that caught my interest as I have a genuine love for travel, culture, new places and faces. My trip was soon planned for November and before I knew it I was already booked up, albeit the odd cancellation, I still found myself turning people away due to lack of availability.

A warm welcome to Belfast!!

Queue the huge bout of Domme Drop I suffered on my return and over Christmas, My return flights were booked and kindly sponsored by an ever eager client that visited me on my previous visit (Belfast Dates: Jan 14-17th 2019) and I simply cannot wait.

It’s now 29th December 2018, I have been working full time as a Professional Dominatrix for exactly one whole year, and what a fucking year it’s been! With the new year fast approaching, I have every single ambition to Dominate 2019 with the fabulous ladies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year!

I’ve got a ridiculous amount of shoots, filming and sessions planned for the new year with travel plans already in place! I’m hoping to move into my own studio towards the end of next year, meet more of the Mistress’s that I’ve connected with this year and simply flourish.

The goals overweigh the achievements massively but that’s perfectly fine with me, never run before you can walk, everyday’s a school day and you will NEVER stop learning. At the age of 29, fast approaching 30, for once in my life I am in no rush, I have found my place in the world, My boys have finally found theirs and I am happy.


Here’s to making 2019 our bitch

01May 2018

Happy Tuesday bitches

It’s been an awfully eventful week at DVR HQ !

As some of you may have seen on my Twitter  I have been lucky enough to be asked to hold the position of Resident Mistress for Kinky Consent at Klub Kink!!

With the launch of Kinky Consent parties being this Friday (4th May) We are holding our first party at Klub Kink in Dudley, perfectly situated in the West Midlands to make it easily accessible to many areas of the UK. The party venue is a well respected and fully equipped club which boasts a fully stocked bar, sauna, lockers for your valuables, dedicated play rooms, dungeon rooms, glory holes, dark rooms and much much more. Klub Kink is one of the largest licensed hedonistic clubs in the UK and the bar boasts an impressive 250 spirits and 150 cocktails if you fancy a tipple to calm your nerves.

There is plenty of parking close by, including an on site parking area if you choose to come by car. If you are planning to make a night of it and stay over there are local hotels within walking distance and limited availability to stay over at the venue in a cell, underground shaft, coffin or cage!

YOUR TASK FOR THIS WEEK: Read my interview and message me to let me know this has been completed. (click title below)

“Enter the world of Domination and meet our resident Mistress Diana Von Rigg”




• I’m still on the hunt for more Dommes, slaves, sissy’s and submissives to join me next Friday! •

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy whether you’re a seasoned submissive, a newbie on the scene or a Mistress who’s seeking fresh meat to get her claws into, I’d love to hear from you! If I’m not the Mistress for you there will be plenty of others to play with and also Slave Packages available if you’re a total novice….



Fri 4th May • 20:30-02:30

Book tickets early!!



Also a huge spanks and thanks to those who voted for me tonight for the Mistress Chart on Adam Green’s Asylum 

 I WON!!

Fabulous start to Mistress’s week.

The Mistress Chart

Every show, Adam and ‘The Other Bloke’ open up the Mistress Chart! Listeners are invited to ‘vote’ for their favourite mistress by nominating and voting for them by the Twitter, Facebook or Website. Which Mistress will get the most votes? Then there’s “The Super Vote” decided by one of the guys in the studio, which accounts for 2 extra votes to the Mistress of their choosing. But which Mistress will be the victor and win the title of “Dom of the Day?”

Kinky Consent – Sponsored by Darkside Magazine

11Apr 2018

Happy hump day subs, slaves, sissys and the lovely Dommes who may frequent my new blog!

As you may know I have set up an OnlyFans clip store and I’ll be adding fresh content to it daily! For $40.00 a month subscription you’ll get access to exclusive content, a fly on the wall view of my real time sessions, weekly tasks and general debauchery

Sounds good…? Just click the link below.

🎦Only Fans | Diana Von Rigg

I also intend to live stream through there also whenever I’m in session (with a willing participant) doing a solo cam show or just going about my day, it’ll all be live and in HD!

I also still have some availability tomorrow at TP Dungeon in Staffordshire

Drop me an e-mail or DM on Twitter for more info

Have a wonderful week

Spank you!! xo

18Mar 2018

West Midlands Mistress

West Midlands Mistress

My style is sexy yet sadistic, playful but punishing, humiliating and indeed very humorous. I always ensure a relaxed, comfortable, welcoming environment is waiting for you, and my authenticity is not something you can fake.

I have the best time when I’m able to have full creative control over a session and sometimes can’t help my giggles. You’ll find no two sessions are alike and I tailor every single one to your needs, creating a powerful and bespoke experience.

Diana Von Rigg – West Midlands Mistress