11Apr 2018

Happy hump day subs, slaves, sissys and the lovely Dommes who may frequent my new blog!

As you may know I have set up an OnlyFans clip store and I’ll be adding fresh content to it daily! For $40.00 a month subscription you’ll get access to exclusive content, a fly on the wall view of my real time sessions, weekly tasks and general debauchery

Sounds good…? Just click the link below.

🎦Only Fans | Diana Von Rigg

I also intend to live stream through there also whenever I’m in session (with a willing participant) doing a solo cam show or just going about my day, it’ll all be live and in HD!

I also still have some availability tomorrow at TP Dungeon in Staffordshire

Drop me an e-mail or DM on Twitter for more info


Have a wonderful week

Spank you!! xo

04Apr 2018

I have some last minute availability next week at TP Dungeon, Cannock (Just off the M6)

Wednesday 11th April | 1800 – 2200

E-mail me or Tweet me for more information and to book

Dianavonrigg@gmail.com | @dianavonrigg

**£60 DEPOSIT REQUIRED ON ALL BOOKINGS | Please be ready to cover cost when e-mailing**


18Mar 2018

West Midlands Mistress

West Midlands Mistress

My style is sexy yet sadistic, playful but punishing, humiliating and indeed very humorous. I always ensure a relaxed, comfortable, welcoming environment is waiting for you, and my authenticity is not something you can fake.

I have the best time when I’m able to have full creative control over a session and sometimes can’t help my giggles. You’ll find no two sessions are alike and I tailor every single one to your needs, creating a powerful and bespoke experience.

Diana Von Rigg – West Midlands Mistress

18Mar 2018

I am proud to say that I have been serving Diana Von Rigg as a sub since January 2018. Our meeting was by mere chance online however I was immediately captivated by Her. I had some experience in serving a Domme before but her expertise was apparent right away as it has remained since. It’s clear for me to see the difference in class between an Elite Domme and the other couple of casual encounters I have had before and ‘bowled over’ is the closest I can put how I felt seeing someone take the lifestyle seriously as a fetishist, as I do.

There is only a limited space to write Her attributes but if I’m glad to have found a naturally dominant Goddess who has a genuine love of kink and and who has allowed me to be who I am as a submissive. Miss Rigg goes beyond perfection for me and has allowed me to express myself properly as a submissive both online and real time. Being her slave is a wish come true. She understands all of my fetishes, even less common or more extreme genres as well as my limitations/boundaries (even though I enjoy pushing them with Her) and has helped me understand more about myself in the process of being under Her and was very quick to put me into subspace which was, again a new experience for me. Sessions with Miss Rigg are mind blowing for me and I always feel safe in Her hands where things like pain play are concerned. She certainly has an artistry and a uniqueness in the things she does.

I feel myself raised up by Her standards and expectations to match how much I really look up to Her for everything that she is which is important for me. I’m well put in my place and very happy to be here.


18Mar 2018

I have always been a shy submissive, hiding behind my screen and never feeling able to approach a Domme for real. Everything changed however, when I had the honor of encountering Miss Rigg.
I was initially very nervous, and committing to my servitude was a big step; but I can now say in earnest that it has been the greatest and most rewarding experience of my entire life, and I have felt truly free under her guidance, discipline and instruction. There is simply no finer Mistress to command your ultimate devotion.

Her passion, authenticity and commitment to the lifestyle are second to none, setting her apart from other Domme’s out there and she will truly take you on a very positive journey that will leave you pleading for more.

Her natural dominance is immediately apparent, and her very presence will bring you willingly to your knees and have every fiber of your being begging for the privilege of serving her. Miss Rigg effortlessly commands worship, and you will find you lose yourself completely in subjection as you fall under her spell.

I cannot recommend a visit to her highly enough; I truly am in awe of this incredible woman. Not only does she create a genuine safe space free from judgment, I feel utterly liberated when I am lucky enough to be in her presence. Miss Rigg makes me feel completely comfortable and I trust her entirely. She will own your mind, she will own you. You will learn new things about yourself while she works her magic, pushing your limits but never breaking them. Just a simple look into her alluring eyes will have you desperate to worship her and eager to please her. She is a Domme like no other. Her power over you will be irrefutable. You came this far didn’t you… take the next step now, and I know you will never look back. Although lets be honest… by that point, you won’t have a choice.


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